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Fostering/Volunteer Information


Here at Western PA Sheltie Rescue, we do not have a physical building to house our

Rescue shelties. We rely on homes like yours to help us. The more approved foster homes

we have, the more able we are to help those dogs needing to come into Rescue.


Won't you consider opening your home and heart to help one of our Shelties

learn to adapt to a "happy healthy loving home life" once again.

Western PA Sheltie Rescue pays for all the dogs needs.

You supply the home, care and love until it's time for the Sheltie to be adopted to its "approved forever home".

If this sounds like something you would like to do to contribute to the rescue of any needing Sheltie,

please fill out a Volunteer/Foster Application and submit to FOSTERING/VOLUNTEERING.


Other Ways to Volunteer:

There is an old saying, "It takes a village to raise a child".

Well, it also "takes a village to rescue a Sheltie"

and we would love your help in our community! Many people cannot foster dogs for one reason

or another and that is fine! It takes more than fostering to help these Shelties.

Other ways you can help include:






Meet a prospective person or family and see that the home would be a  suitable and nice living environment for our rescue according to our adoption requirement.


We always need volunteers to help transport our shelties. Transportation can include picking up a dog from a shelter or a surrender home or transporting it to it's new foster home or veterinary appointment.


We are always in need of  donated for our raffles and online Facebook Auctions to help raise money to  care for our Shelties. Any gifts you can't use would greatly help these dogs or if you know anyone with a business that is willing to donate an item or a service, we can always put it to great use!

MONEY DONATIONS Monetary donations are  always greatly appreciated as all funds are used for veterinary care for the Shelties.
SPONSORSHIP OF A DOG OR MONTHLY DONATIONS At times we  get a Sheltie into Foster care that, for unexpected reasons,  can not be adopted to a new family. These dogs will stay in long term foster care and will need funds to provide for their  continued veterinary care. Sponsorship of any particular Sheltie in Rescue is always a nice way of helping to provide for that specific Sheltie and is greatly appreciated as well.
MEMORIAL DONATIONS What better way to show your love than to make a Memorial Donation for a Rainbow Bridge companion or that of a friend.

***Please don't forget to check if your employer has a gift matching program for any donations!

Thank You!!!


Foster Application (Word)                           Foster Application (PDF)


If you are approved as a Foster Home and volunteer to foster a dog, you will be required to sign our

Foster Contract upon possession of a WPASR Sheltie in your home. A copy of this form will be

supplied at the time the approved Foster Home agrees to provide a temporary home to one of our Rescue Shelties.


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