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Because of the shortage of  shelties coming into Rescue, we

will be servicing our area of Western PA only for the time being.

Available Shelties

So you're looking to adopt a Sheltie:

Please read through the entire Adoption Process page before inquiring about any particular Sheltie

we have for adoption or before submitting an application. We are a volunteer organization with lives beyond

rescue and our time is better spent attending to the applicants that have read the information and have

all the necessary requirements for adopting before submitting an application. All to many times,

applications or inquiries are made without requirements being met, ie: physical fence in yard,

for adoption. Please don't waste our time or yours, if you don't have a fenced in yard.

It is most definitely needed for the dogs coming into rescue or we wouldn't be so adamant on the requirement.





ADOPTED 11-2-2019

Two lovely, sweet, 6 year old Shelties ready for a forever home. Katie is a pretty princess, sable and white, and Charlie is a sweet mahogany sable boy, They are not litter mates, but have been together since they were 8 and 12 weeks old. House trained, with nice indoor manners. They have a good basic vocabulary “come”, “sit”, “down”,
“go outside”, “go for a walk”, and they walk easily together on a leash. They travel well in the car. They are on a diet, losing weight nicely. Still have a ways to go, but doing well! They have very good dinner manners. Neither of them are food protective or aggressive. They are recovering from summer shaved haircuts. When their full coat grows in, they will be very pretty small shelties.

Katie is a shy majestic princess. She’s sable with beautiful white blaze, collar, belly and legs. She loves to cuddle on the sofa, and sleep on the bed if you let her. She is very curious, follows  everywhere, and is always close by. When she wants something she sits at your feet and puts a paw on your leg. Usually,  she just wants a snuggle.
Katie does not like loud noises or large crowds of people. Shy and standoffish at first, she warms quickly to strangers. She is nice on a leash, enjoys walks. All she wants is to be loved and snuggled. She will pull back if you reach for her over her head.

Charlie is all personality. He has never met a stranger he didn't like, and the world is his friend. He’s a happy boy, quite a talker.  He loves a good belly rub. Charlie loves the sofa and will poke his nose under your elbow until he gets his belly rub.
Good on a leash. He chases birds, cats, and anything else that moves in the yard.

They will be happiest as the only pets  in the home and would prefer someone that will be home most of the day.  Best suited for a household without small children and cats.

Both of these sweethearts are up to date on their shots, micro-chipped, spayed and neutered.

If  you would love to open your heart and home to these sweet shelties and give them their  LAST  furever home, please go to our website at and submit an Adoption Application.



ADOPTED 4-28-17

 Shadow is a 7 yr. old very calm easy going boy who was surrendered by his

family because of his elderly owner having to move in with relatives out of state

who could not have Shadow in their home. This boy was VERY LOVED and VERY CARED FOR . Shadow gets along well with his two foster sisters after being the

only dog in the home , is eating and sleeping well, house broken, current on all

vaccines, and was recently groomed . Shadow will be tested on leash today, but

we think he’ll do just fine as his previous owner walked daily with Shadow. Shadow has

only barked once since coming into Rescue, but we know he's capable as are

 most Shelties. Shadow is a big boy weighing in at 38lbs and needs

to lose about 10lbs. He is a real lap dog, if you’ve got a lap that can

 handle 38 lbs. until he loses some weight.
Shadow is fully vetted, neutered and micro-chipped.

 If you are interested in this handsome sweet boy, please visit our website at

and fill out an adoption application and submit per page instructions.






ADOPTED 4-19-18

Cinnamon is approximately 4 years old and is energetic and playful now that she’s learned from her foster Mom/ Trainer how she should have been living since her birth. Cinnamon knew nothing but  puppy mill cage her entire 4 yrs on this earth. She loves having other dogs around to play and run with and is a vocal girl who has so much excitement about all the new things she is experiencing after having a place where she knew nothing but a puppy mill cage her entire life. She happily will take treats out of your hand and likes to hang around the kitchen when you cook just in case you drop anything. She like to explore her surroundings, but if she gets into something she shouldn't she responds quickly to “leave it". She loves her toys especially her chew toys. She is still learning to walk on a leash since that is new to her, but loves being outside and has done well with housetraining and leash training as her foster Mom is also a trainer and worked diligently to bring Cinnamon out of her shell. She is still learning to trust people so she sometimes ducks or moves when you reach to pet her, but she is getting comfortable every day and needs someone special and sheltie experienced that she can bond with and can teach her to trust more. Cinnamon’s Trainer/foster Mom has graciously offered to help her new owners with any problems they might encounter with Cinnamon if you are within a reasonable distance to the Pittsburgh, PA area. Because we consider Cinnamon a flight risk because of her previous circumstances, a fenced in yard is required for her adoption.
If you are interested in Cinnamon, please visit our website at

and fill out an adoption application and submit per page instructions.



ADOPTED 4/7/18

CASEY as all her vetting is now completed and she is ready to go on to her forever home. Casey is approximately 3 years old and is a sweet sable & white girl who doesn’t bark often. She is seeing and learning new things every day since she didn’t know more than a cage at the puppy mill she was rescued from. Because of her circumstances, she can be a little timid and nervous sometimes but is coming more out of her shell every day with the help of her foster Mom who happens to be a trainer. Casey loves her naps on a comfy carpet and is
beginning to like having people around. She loves to lay in the living room while you watch tv or nearby while you work. She has no problem with other dogs, but doesn’t play much and hasn’t shown a lot of interest in toys yet. Walking on a leash was new to her, but her training is coming along nicely. She is fascinated by all the sounds and things outside and you can just watch her taking in all the new things that she was never accustomed to being in a cage her entire life. She is starting to warm up to petting and being a part of a home. We do not know how Casey would be with cats as her foster home has none and she hasn’t been exposed to them. . Because we consider Casey a flight risk because of her previous circumstances, a fenced in yard is required for her adoption.




ADOPTED  3-18-18


Sampson is a handsome 7 month old tri-color bundle of energy and fun. He's always looking for something to do and loves to go outside for a walk or run in the yard. Sampson's training on the leash is coming along great now with the help of his foster Dad. He loves playiing ball with any toy and he knows the sit and down command as well thanks to the time his foster Dad has spent with him teaching him new things. He would love a Western PA home with another pup so he has someone to play with. He's never been alone and we don't think he would like being the only pup in his forever home. Older children would be great to play with as well.ISampson hasn't been exposed to cats sowe really can't say how he would interact with them right now.

Sampson has completed all of his vetting other than his neuter. If you are interested in adoption, a special contract will be required to assure his neutering will be completed. Details will be discussed with potential adopters.

If you are interested in providing Sampson with his forever loving home and have a securely fenced in yard, please go to our website at , fill out the adoption application and submit.. We doubt this sweet handsome boy will be waiting long as he's such a "lovebug" !!!













RUSTEE IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION: - Hey, everyone, it's me Rustee.

Just wanted to let you know that I am available for adoption in the

Western PA area. I'm 10 months old and a real sweetie pie according to

my foster Mom. I've learned to play with toys now and I'll even bring them

 back to you. I really would like a furever home with another pup to play with

in a securely fenced in yard and older kids would be great too. I'm completely

vetted and micro-chipped and I am so ready to start my new life with my furever family.

If you think that you have room in your heart and home for me in the

Western PA area, please go to our website at

and fill our an adoption application and submit it for consideration.



ADOPTED 11-20-17

Bandit’s human Mommy passed away and Bandit found himself without a home because she had no living family and no one to step up to give him a furever home. Bandit is a sable and white that just turned 2 yrs. old the end of June. Bandit was void of care by his elderly owner and has now been neutered, micro-chipped and brought up to date on all of his inoculations. Bandit was never given the exercise he should have received as a growing puppy, so he’s now being trained to walk on a leash and to play with toys. Bandit has never been around children or cats, so a home without small children is needed, as well as a securely fenced in yard. Bandit has cats in his foster home and is being trained to acclimate with them as he is now healthy and starting to feel like a normal sheltie and finally has realized they are in the home, lol ! His foster Mom says he’s a real sweetheart and loves to be pampered. This boy will make someone a treasured companion !!

If you are interested in Bandit, please submit your adoption application found on our website at 















ADOPTED 1-7-18


 PJ has almost finished his vetting and will be available for adoption after

 Dec. 21st. This gorgeous 7 yr old medium sized blue merle weighing 32#

was an owner surrender who is on the shy side. PJ wants nothing more

than your love and attention and has adjusted well in his foster home

with other shelties in the home. He is a real cuddlebug. If interested,

please visit our website at

and complete an adoption application and submit per the website.





DOMINO (Domi) was an owner surrender that had a good life before circumstances

changed for this beautiful Bi-black boy who is 20 months old. Domino will be

available for adoption once his neuter recovery is complete. He has been fully

vetted as well.. Domino has been house training as he was kept in a kennel

most of his life. His foster home has been working on this and he is coming along

nicely. He’s one really smart pup and catches on very quickly !! He gets along

great with his foster brothers and sisters. We don’t know how he is with cats as

there are none in the foster home. He is crate trained and rides well
in the car. We think Domino would love to have an older child to play with, but because

he is so energetic, as shelties are at this age, we think he would be too much for young toddlers.
Domino was just neutered today and will need his recovery period before available for adoption. He is a sweet joyful boy that loves to play. He measures 17 inches and

could stand to gain a few pounds which his foster home is working on as well.

Domino will need a secure fenced in yard and there will be no exceptions. If you are

 interested in this beautiful boy,please go to our website at
and fill out an adoption application for consideration. This boy is going to

make someone sooooooooooooooooo happy. He’s a joy to be around !



ADOPTED  9-25-17

.  Captain had a wonderful family that loved and cared for him explicitly, however  family  dynamics changed with medical problems and they felt it better than their sweet  boy be given a new furever  home where he will be given the attention he so deserves. Although devastated to make this decision, we promised this loving family to provide their precious boy with the best home possible for the rest of his life and be given the same treatment that Captain was used to since they purchased him. Not all Shelties that come into Rescue have a horrible story and this is one of those. We commend his previous family for wanting to do what was right for their family and for Captain  and we will fulfill our heartfelt commitment !!!!

 Captain is a smaller sweet  9 month old Tri Sheltie boy who is just a joy to be around.  He’s doing well with his foster brothers and sisters and his foster Mom says he’s just too adorable for words. Captain is now up to date on his shots, micro-chipped, neutered and ready for his new FOREVER HOME.  If you are interested in adoption, please visit our website at and fill out and submit an application for adoption as per our webpage instructions.






ADOPTED 12-30-17

Meet Zane our handsome 8 month old sable & white boy who came in as an owner surrender. Zane’s family came upon hard times and as hard as it was to part with this lovable pup, they decided to surrender Zane into rescue to find him his new loving forever home This pup wants nothing more than to "be with you and cuddle with you". Zane is neutered, micro-chipped, up to date on all his vetting and ready for his forever home. This sweet handsome boy will not be in rescue long. A fenced in yard is an absolute must. A HUGE THANK YOU to Elizabeth for fostering this special little angel !!! If you are interested in opening your home and hearts to give Zane his forever home, please fill out an adoption application found at and submit via website instructions.






ADOPTED 8-20-17

YOGI came in as an owner surrender. He’s now completed his vetting/neutering/dental and is ready for his furever home. Yogi is a smaller 6 1/2yr. old Sheltie/Pomeranian mix and a love bug extraordinaire. This cute little guy has been training on walking on a leash as he likes to pull you to where HE wants to go. The outside world is just so exciting for him now and he wants to see it all and see it quickly, lol ! He is getting much better and with continued training, he should do well as he aims to please his person. Yogi likes toys, but doesn’t know how to play with them. He loves running full blast in the fenced in yard and gets along well with other fur-siblings. Yogi hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like. He loves attention and belly rubs and greets you with the sweetest smile. His most favorite place is with you taking in all the love and affection you can give him. His smile is just infectious to say the least and he just melts your heart. He’s a true love bug !!! Yogi would do better in a home where his new parent/parents would be home most of the day. If you are interested in providing Yogi’s LAST furever loving home, please submit your application available online at






ADOPTED 9-10-17


Maeve is a healthy 4 year old bi-black Sheltie (mostly black with white socks and chest). She really likes to cuddle or just lay down next to you. She does not like to be left alone, so the ideal home might be someone who's home a lot or, probably best, with another pet to stay with her. She howls a cute but sad howl when she thinks you left her... even if you just went into the bathroom. Maeve is about 22 pounds, which the vet said felt like a good weight for her size. She likes to play ball but is mostly about the chase and less about the bringing back every time. But she enjoys it so that's good. Maeve also walks very nice on leash. She does not like someone messing with her front paws or her butt; she doesn't get mean about it, but she lets you know she isn't having whatever you're planning. Otherwise, she's very friendly to everyone she meets and has a great personality. Maeve was professionally groomed yesterday for her birthday. If you are interested in adoption, please go to our website at and fill out/submit your application after reading our requirements. Maeve will need a secure fenced in yard for adoption.




ADOPTED 8-9-2017



PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW GIRL, Daisy May. Daisy was an owner surrender

because of family illness. Daisy is a larger sheltie with shorter hair presently as she is still a youngster. Daisy is 1 yr old, has all her shots but needs her spaying which is scheduled for July 12th. She will be available after her recovery.Daisy May would rather sit beside you than go out and play with her foster brother and sisters. Her foster home says she is such a sweetheart and would prefer her adoptive family be home with her all day long if possible.If you are interested in Daisy May, please go to our website at and fill out an adoption application. This sweet girl is going to make some family a wonderful sheltie companion.




ADOPTED 6-16-17

Please WELCOME our new 9 month old "Mr. T" to Rescue.
Mr. T is an owner surrender because he is too active for
the lady of the house who is pregnant and afraid Mr. T
will knock her down and hurt her fetus. Mr. T had a great
loving home with conscientious sheltie owners who gave great
veterinary care to this sweet active boy and are heartbroken
having to surrender him, but want him to be able to have
the active life he deserves as he is still basically a puppy.
Mr. T is heartworm/lyme negative, up to date with all his vaccinations

and already neutered. This sweet boy is looking for a home with

a playmate and a securely fenced in yard. Mr. T does NOT

get along well with cats. . If you are interested in Mr. T, please visit

our web page at and c

omplete/submit an application for adoption.










Jax is a 1-1/2yr. old Mahogany Sable. Jax will need his neutering to be completed before he’s ready for adoption in a month or so. Jax was an owner surrender from an elderly woman who didn’t realize Shelties were high energy and she just couldn’t deal with his wanting to play all the time. Jax is a very sweet pup who aims to please. He gets along well with everyone, except he’s not too fond of cats right now in his foster home. He’s good with children and other dogs. Jax will be adopted into a securely fenced in yard only. Jax must  complete his neutering before adoption in a little over a month from now. Jax is up to date on all his shots. Jax did test positive for Lyme disease and was treated for the two week regimen of antibiotics. If you are interested in this sweet lovable boy, please submit your applications. Applications can be found on our website at








Isabelle is a beautiful sable and white energetic young

girl around 2 yrs. of age weighing in at 24 pounds.

Vetting has been completed with exception to  her spay which is scheduled for April 5th.   After a week of recovery, she will be available for adoption to her furever home.

 Isabelle is NOT GOOD WITH CATS and she does NOT like larger dogs.

If you are interested in adoption, please visit our information page on adoption at

to obtain an adoption application for submission. If you have any further questions,  please contact us.

















Sweet beautiful  Daphne came in as an owner surrender

with  3 other Shelties. Daphne is presently undergoing

her complete vetting and once her heat is completed,

she will be spayed.  Daphne will be available for

adoption  once recovered from her spay.


Because we have no records for Daphne,   the vet

is guessing that Daphne is 10+ years old. She is

very  friendly, loves to cuddle and is crate trained,

but she prefers to be with you.  Daphne isn't fond of

stairs;  she'll go down, but not up.  We are guessing

that  she never had to deal with more than a couple

steps  at her previous home. She's great on a leash,

walking  with you instead of pulling or getting too

excited  or distracted. Daphne came into Rescue  

overweight,  so she is presently on a diet losing weight

 and  will need to lose a few more pounds.


If you are interested in adopting this beautiful

little  gal, please go to our  website at

for  more information and to complete an adoption application.







Maggie was adopted a few days coming into Rescue by a family that had been waiting for a long time for the right dog. Maggie fit perfectly and we couldn't be happier for this sweet little sheltie mix. Happy life sweet girl !!!











Please welcome our 8 yr. old Oatmeal into Rescue.

Yes, that was her name given to her by her previous owner !


Oatmeal came into Rescue as an owner surrender due to

health issues. This is a sweet girl who wants nothing more than

to be on your lap enjoying all the love and kisses she can get. Oatmeal is in the process of having her vetting completed and

will also need to have a dental due to her having many missing

teeth at such a young age. We were given

 no indication as to why this young sweet girl is missing so many teeth, but her veterinarian will address this issue within the

next week or so. Presently, she is on soft food to accommodate

her missing teeth. Oatmeal gets along well with her other foster brothers and sisters and she is good with cats as she had 2 in her previous home. She is really a sweet and happy little girl who loves her people despite her neglect by her previous owner. Oatmeal is scheduled for her spay within the next two weeks and will be available for adoption after her recovery.


If you have room in your heart and home for this

especially sweet girl and are interested in giving her the

forever home home she's dreaming of, 

please go to our website at

for information on adoption and to  complete an adoption








This sweet, loving, beautiful 13 yr. old girl is now in her

 Forever Foster home and will remain there for the rest of her days.


Her transporter and overnight house provider

fell in love with her and couldn't get her out of her mind

when Gracie moved on to her 1st foster home.

This generous woman contacted us and requested for Gracie

to live in her home and be spoiled for the rest of her days. 

Some souls you just CAN'T  get out of your mind or heart in Rescue and Gracie is one of those souls. We can't thank her Forever Foster Mom enough for opening her heart and home to this

sweet precious girl !!!

Gracie is completely vetted, however her future medical

needs will be supplied by Western PaSheltie Rescue as a "forever foster". If you would like/consider sponsoring Gracie, please contact us.









Congratulatons, Benny and the Perrier Family  !!!







Congratulations, Maggie and Walter !!!














This tiny cutie pie has been in foster care for a few weeks now and the foster parents, and especially their 16 yr. old son, has fallen in love with this sweet tiny character and have decided they would like to adopt Copper. Another "foster failure" and we couldn't be happier for this precious little boy !!! Adoption date to be announced.






Congratulations, Mark and Maisie !!!

NEW GIRL IN: Hi my name is Maisie and I’d like to introduce my gorgeous self.  I am a 3  yrs. old larger tri sheltie weighing in at  46.8 lbs. My foster home has me on a strict diet to get my “girly” figure back

into check and giving  me lots of exercise playing ball

and frisbee. I think my foster Dad finally figured

out that I don’t like bringing the frisbee back,  so now he has to throw one and keep another one hidden  in his hand, lol ! I love playing games !!!    

My veterinarian would like my weight in the 38-40 lb. range, so I guess I have a LOT of playing to do along with my new strict diet. Did I say I love to play in the yard, well, I do and I also love children, but older children, not the younger ones who don’t have the training in “how to treat a dog protocol”. Everyone I’ve met since coming into Rescue says “I’m a LOVEBUG”. I don’t know what that means but it seems to make everyone smile from ear to ear once they meet me. I guess that’s a good thing, right?  I am completely vetted and ready to find my forever loving home. If you feel that you might be that home and the Rescue feels that  I would fit your home with all my cuteness and love to fill your heart,

please go to the Rescue’s website at and fill out an application for adoption.







Congratulations, Goss Family & Bella !!!

Please welcome Bella back into Rescue. Bella was adopted 4 months
ago, however the other dog in the home (female) could not adapt to Bella being

 there, so her loving adopters decided it best that Bella find a new furever home.

Hi, it’s me, Bella. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack. You remember me…..5 yrs old

and a cutie pie tri sheltie. Well, I’ve been in training for over a month now

and the Rescue feels that I am ready to go on to my furever home. I really would

like to be in a home that I’ll be their “one and only” because I wanna be the alpha

sheltie with other females. I am much better with that little fault I had because my

foster home has been working with me diligently and I have had significant improvement.

I really don’t know if I would like a home with a male sheltie because the rescue

just didn’t have a foster home that we could try that little scenario, but they do feel

that I’d do much better in an only sheltie home. I really like being an only furchild

to be honest. I get allllllllllll your attention, hugs and belly rubs. How can you fault

me for that, lol I’m crate trained, fully vetted, love my walks and REALLY love

playing with my squeaky tennis ball. I run like wind, so I think I’d like a nice fenced

 in yard so I can chase that ball really far too. Pssst- I heard the Rescue say that I

had to have a fenced in yard, so be forewarned, okay? Oh and I really don’t

like little children. Bleck, they move too fast and scare me and they pull my hair.

That hurts ! I don’t think I would mind older children that were taught how to

respect us sensitive shelties though because I am noise sensitive too. I need

quiet surroundings, not children running around screaming and making noise. T

hat kinda upsets me, know what I mean?
If you think I would fit into your home and you promise to play with me and

give me lots of belly rubs, oh please , contact the WPASR Rescue and fill out

an application for my adoption. I heard them say you can find it at

 If you have any further questions, you can also message them and they will get

back to you lickity split. They only want the best for me , so you can’t fault them

for that, so if you have any questions about me, please message them or shoot

them an email or phone call. Okay, time for me to tend to my yard and make sure

all is well out there. Have a pawsatively wonderful first day of summer everyone…….

Bella out !









Congratulations,  Kathy & Baron !!!



My name is Baron and I’m a 7 yr. old sable merle male.

I am called a “silly boy” who knows all the commercials that features dogs

and I get really excited doing my happy dance in front of the TV.

I can “bust a few steps” when I hear Law & Order SVU music start playing.

My foster Mom just cracks up every time. I don’t know why she

does that cause the music just moves me, lol ! I can also play a great game

of soccer/kickball in the yard with you. My foster Mom says I am the best goalie

ever ! I heard my foster Mom say I have the sweetest temperament, I love attention

and I want to be near my people. I get along with my 4 foster siblings,

a puppy and even the cat in my foster home. I would really be a wonderful companion; friendly and fun-loving in my” fur-ever home”.

Baron’s vetting is now complete, including the removal of his rear dewclaws, which were doubles and impeding his movement.  There are no small children in his foster home, so we will not place Baron in a  home with small children.


If you are interested in providing his loving and protective fur-ever home,

please go to the adoption process page, read all the information and

then submit your application i





Congratulations, Wayne & Pat !!!

Adopted 4-17-16

Beautiful Alleah is ready for her "furever" home. She's a gorgeous Tri girl , very laid back , groomed, spayed and completely vetted. She gets along great with other dogs and has been very gentle with her foster Mom's grandchildren.

Alleah recently turned 7 yrs old, and if she has any faults

all, it's that  she stays by herself until she's encouraged

to join in . She  very rarely barks

( imagine THAT from a Sheltie). If you

would like to include her in your family, please go to the

adoption process page, read all the information and

then submit your application if you feel Alleah would

fit your family.




Congratulations to Johnny and the Andres Family !!!

Adopted 3/19/16



Johnny came into WPASR as a 6 yr. old who was

kept outside in a barn his entire life. His owners

were no longer caring for him properly because

of illness and just wanted him gone or they

would make him gone one way or the other . Luckily,

we were contacted and now he's gone and his life will

now be what it  should have been all along. Johnny is

a very sweet and affectionate boy who loves to be petted

and kissed. He will know nothing less from this day

forward !!!   We don't think he's ever been groomed by

the huge knots all over his body and around his too tight

collar. He will go to the groomer immediately and then

start his vetting before being available for adoption.







Congratulations Jodie & Mike !!

Adopted 4-15-16


Misty was surrendered to WPASR because she did not

get along well with the other large dogs in the home and

was not fond of the little children in the home who were

 not kind to her.

Misty is on the smaller size of Shelties at 12 inches and

weighs 10 pounds at intake. Misty is very protective

of her person and does not take kindly to strangers 

in HER home. Misty will need

updated on all her inoculations, spayed and will

require training to overcome some of her fears.

We will update her progress in the coming weeks

 during her training period.






Congratulations Paula and Family !!!


Chloe just arrived in Rescue 12/30/15.

We are accepting adoption applications for

this 4 month old beautiful blue merle pup and

she will  be placed once her vetting is complete.

Chloe will be in training with a certified trainer until adopted.




Adopted 12/27/15






Adopted 12/00/15





Adopted 1/28/16




Adopted 12/10/15





Adopted 12/31/15


~ NINA ~

Adopted 11/5/15





Adopted   9/16/15




Adopted  7/26/15





Adopted 7/4/15



Adopted 6/27/15



We reserve the right to refuse an applicant if, in our judgment, the home situation is not

compatible with the needs of a  particular sheltie or a dog  is not suitable for the applicant.


Available Shelties listed on:



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